Origin of name: The early French explorer LaSalle named Louisiana for Louis XIV, King of France.

Admitted to Union: April 30, 1812

Population: 4,601,893 (U.S. Census 2012 estimate)

State capital: Baton Rouge

Major industries: agriculture (sugar cane, rice, cotton, soybeans), salt production, oil and natural gas, seafood, timber, tourism.

Highest point: Driskill Mountain (535 feet/163 meters above sea level)

Lowest point: New Orleans (8 feet/2.5 meters below sea level)

Parishes: 64

Government: 39 Senators, 105 Representatives

State nickname: Sportsman’s Paradise

State motto: “Union, Justice, Confidence”

State songs: You Are My Sunshine and Give Me Louisiana

State bird: Eastern Brown Pelican

State dog: Catahoula Leopard Dog

State insect: Honeybee

State flower: Magnolia

State tree: Baldcypress

State colors: Gold, white and blue

State fossil: Petrified palmwood

State gemstone: Agate

Area: 51,885 square miles (15 percent water)

Climate: Subtropical

  • January is the coldest month (average low 30°F, average high 60°F).
  • July and August are the warmest months (average low 70°F, average high 97°F).
  • Average annual rainfall is 60 inches.


  • North: Arkansas
  • East: Mississippi
  • West: Texas
  • South: Gulf of Mexico