Sunset Report

Strategic Plan
2014-15 through 2018-19


Did you know?
Adjusted Gaming RevenueNet gains realized by a casino after payment of all cash paid out as losses to patrons.
ADR (Average Daily Rate)Room revenue divided by rooms sold.
AttractionAn item of specific interest to travelers, such as natural wonder, man-made facilities, and structures, entertainment, and activities.
DestinationThe geographic place to which a traveler is going
Economic Impact studyResearch into the dollars generated by an industry and how these dollars impact the economy through direct spending the indirect impact of additional job creation and the generation of income and tax revenue.
EnplanementsA count of the number of passengers who board an airplane at one of Louisiana's metro airports.
Exploratory researchA form of marketing research that is used to obtain preliminary information and clues.
Gateway cityCity with an international airport.
MarketAll existing and potential customers for a product or service.
Market demandThe amount of a specific product or service that may be purchased during a certain period of time in a particular geographic area.
Market forecastThe realistic demand within a given time period for the product produces by all companies within a certain industry or product category.
Market segmentationThe process of dividing a broad market into smaller specific markets based on customers characteristics, buying power and other variables.
Marketing researchThe function that links consumers, and public to the market through the systematic gathering and analyzing of information.
Niche marketA highly specialized segment of the travel market, such as an affinity groups with a unique special interest.
OccupancyRooms sold divided by rooms available.
Percent ChangeAmount of growth, up, flat, or down from the same period last year (month, ytd, three months, twelve months). Calculated as ((TY-LY)/LY) * "100".
Positioning strategyThe development of a clear, unique, and attractive image for a company and/or product in the minds of target customers.
Primary researchThe collection of data specifically to solve the marketing problem at hand.
ReachThe measure of how many people in a market will be exposed to a certain advertisement via a specific medium.
Recreational VisitsThe entry of a person onto lands or waters administered by the NPS for recreational purposes.
Research constraintsThose issues, such as cost and timing, that will limit the scope of the marketing research.
Revenue (Room Revenue)Total room revenue generated from the sale or rental of rooms.
SampleThe portion of a population chosen to represent the population being studied for research.
Secondary informationResearch data that was collected by another company or person.
Simple random sampleA sample that draws a group of respondents randomly from all members of the population.
Supply (Rooms Available)The number of rooms times the number of days in the period.
Welcome Center VisitorsThe number visitors who sign the register at Louisiana's 13 state welcome centers.