Strategic Plan
2014-15 through 2018-19


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Educational Programs

The educational offerings of the museum, though designed to be interactive and fun filled expeditions, also connect students to the history, geography and culture of the great state of Louisiana!

Each lesson begins with a pre-visit activity which prepares the students for an actual visit to the museum.  Upon arrival, the students are treated to a participatory musical overview of the museum.  Students then enjoy searching the galleries as they become explorers in age appropriate treasure hunts.

Led by an excited museum educator, the galleries “come to life” as the students proceed and discover the interactive displays and artifacts.  Students learn history, geography and the culture of the state of Louisiana while enjoying the exciting and interactive exhibits!

Post-visit activities, which can be used for assessment, are included in every program.  Large group as well as small group specialized programming is offered by the museum educators.  All educational programming is aligned to the state content standards and Grade Level Expectations (GLE’s). 

Pre-K & KGrade 1
Grade 2Grade 3Grade 4Grade 5Grade 6Grade 7Grade 8Grade 9Grade 10Grade 11Grade 12
Primary and Secondary Colors            
Natural Abundance:
The Four Food Groups
What is a Museum?
Behind the Scenes Look at the Museum
Where Do We Find Shapes?          
Meeting Friends in Early Louisiana          
Clementine Hunter’s Zinnia Garden:
A Planting Lesson
Celebrate Louisiana Festivals         
 Primary Sources         
   Simple Machines        
Natural Abundance of Louisiana
   Living With Hurricanes:
Hurricane Preparedness
   My Louisiana: History and Culture of Louisiana    
      Let Them Make (Paper) Cake!    
      Native Americans and Political Cartoons    
      Learning is Sweet!!
Natural Abundance of Louisiana
      Early Louisiana History    
      Raw and Manufactured Goods
         Huey P Long

Social Studies Science Math Math & Science


Miscellaneous Activities

Cabildo Scavenger Hunts
Cabildo Scavenger Hunt, Pre-K through 1st Gradepdf_icon.png
Cabildo Scavenger Hunt, 2nd Grade through 4th Gradepdf_icon.png
Cabildo Scavenger Hunt, 5th Grade through 8th Gradepdf_icon.png
Cabildo Scavenger Hunt, 5th Grade through 8th Grade (2)pdf_icon.png
Cabildo Scavenger Hunt, 7th Grade through 12th Gradeword_icon.png
Cabildo Scavenger Hunt, all agespdf_icon.png


Treasure Hunts at Capitol Park Museum
Activity Sheets Grades 2-5, Treasure Hunt Level 1pdf_icon.png
Activity Sheets Grades 4-12, Treasure Hunt Level 2pdf_icon.png
Flip Cards for Capitol Park Visual Gallery Guideword_icon.png


Natchitoches Treasure Hunts
Natchitoches Treasure Hunts Level 1pdf_icon.png
Natchitoches Treasure Hunts Level 2pdf_icon.png
Natchitoches Publications Flip Cardspdf_icon.png


E.D. White
E.D. White Expeditionpdf_icon.png
E.D. White Flip Cardspdf_icon.png