Strategic Plan
2014-15 through 2018-19


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Clementine Hunter's Zinnia Garden: A Planting Lesson

logo.jpgThe teacher guide  includes information about the famous folk artist, Clementine Hunter.  Clementine Hunter painted Zinnia flowers in many of her paintings so this fact serves as a springboard for the study of plants.  Pre-visit activities included in the teacher guide introduce the parts of a plant as well as classroom experiments demonstrating different parts of the plant.  Post activities include a cut and glue paper on parts of a plant, a rhyming word activity, a connect the dots activity, a series of Clementine Hunter’s pictures to be made into Memory Cards for a Memory Game that can be played in the classroom, and a Zinnia growth chart to be used for the mini Zinnia garden that will be planted during the museum visit.

The student booklets will be used at the museum in the Clementine Hunter Exhibit to identify and discuss Clementine Hunter’s art.  Students will paint cups as Clementine Hunter did to produce Found Art.  The students will  plant  Zinnia seeds in the cups to create a Zinnia garden.  The cups (including peat pellets and seeds) will be taken to the classroom  where students will chart the growth of the Zinnia plant. Students will create a picture of a Zinnia with pre-cut parts of a plant and a cupcake liner.

Targeted Grades: Pre-K, Kindergarten, Grade 1 and Grade 2

Primary Subject: Science


"Clementine Hunter's Zinnia Garden" Guides and Booklets
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