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2014-15 through 2018-19


Did you know?
Election 2012: The Road to the White House

Election 2012: The Road to the White House

Election 2012: The Road to the White House is a fun and educational database that helps all citizens explore, document, and analyze the 2012 presidential election season.

Election 2012 is a Microsoft Access database that students download to their USB drive and complete throughout the 2012 election season. The introductory screen guides the students through the election process beginning with the search for basic information about political parties, campaign issues and presidential candidates. Next, students follow the nomination phase of the election season, which begins with the state primaries and caucuses and ends with the national nominating conventions. As the general election nears, students examine the election debates while storing election-related information and their reflections in the database journal. The Election 2012 database journal is also a powerful analysis tool with which students compare and contrast the issues and candidates and enter and examine election results.

The Election 2012 database journal does not contain election-related information. The database forms and reports provide a format for entering, viewing and printing information defined and entered by the user. Information stored in and printed from the database is completely user-defined, allowing people of all ages to engage with the presidential elections as little or as much as they choose.

You must have Microsoft Access installed on your computer to open and use the Election 2012 Database.

Election 2012 Zip File (3.7 MB)
Election 2012 Database.mdb (16.5 MB)

Instructions for Downloading a Copy of the Database

  1. Election 2012 Zipped (Compressed) Files
    The Election 2012 zipped files contain the following items:
    • Election 2012 Database.mdb (The main file)
    • about this database.pdf
    • teachernotes.pdf
    • Election2012Benchmarks.pdf

    Use a zip or file extraction program (such as WinZip or 7-Zip) to extract the documents. Store the documents in a folder on your computer, on a flash drive, or on a network drive. Follow the directions for opening the database (provided below).
  2. Downloading from the DCRT Internet Site
    To Download the Database:
    • Right-click on the Election 2012 Database link and select "Save Target As."
    • Save the database in the desired location on your computer, network or flash drive. We suggest you place the database in a new "Election 2012" folder in My Documents.

Instructions for Opening the Election 2012 Database

  1. From your desktop, press the Start button and select Programs. Locate Microsoft Access in the list of programs; you may have to open the Microsoft Office folder to find the Access file.
  2. Open Microsoft Access.
  3. From the top tool bar, select File, Open. Locate the folder in which you stored the Election 2012 Database and select the Election 2012 Database file.
  4. Depending on your computer's security settings, you may see one or more of the following warning statements. Since the database does not contain and harmful codes, we recommend the following actions.
    1. You may receive a warning that explains that the file may not be safe and asks if you want to open or cancel the operation. Select Open.
    2. You may receive a warning that explains that the file may contain harmful macros. Select Continue or Open.
    3. "Read Only" Warning. If you receive this warning, you can easily reset the database properties to allow you to enter and save information.
      • Close the database.
      • From the desktop or the Start menu, select My Computer or My Documents.
      • Navigate to the folder in which the database is stored and right-click on the Election 2012 Database file. From the menu that appears, select Properties. Select the "General" tab. Locate "Attributes" and make certain the "Read-only" box is not checked. Select "Apply" and "OK." Open the database and begin your adventure! Note: If your file is stored on a network or if you receive a message stating that you do not have sufficient user privileges to reset the properties, ask your system administrator to reset the database properties.
  5. When the Election 2012 Database opens, find the navigation menu located on the left side of the main page.
    1. Students: We recommend following the menu in the order in which the selections are listed. Enter your name and basic information; this information will be inserted into each report you print
    2. Adults: You may choose to omit the "Organize" portion of the database and begin by entering information about political parties and election issues. This information will enable you to track party candidates and compare the candidates' views on the issues.