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FEMA Section 106 Notices for Louisiana
Comment on "Public Notice Regarding Section 106 and NEPA Review of the City of New Orleans’ Proposal to Demolish the Sexton Cottages/Maintenance Buildings at Holt Cemetery, Lafayette No. 1 Cemetery, Lafayette No. 2 Cemetery, and Carrollton No. 1 Cemetery, New Orleans, Orleans Parish, LA - Seeking Public Comment

See Addendum Update of April 26, 2013"

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Name: A Jordan
City: New Orleans, Louisiana
Lafayette #1 & # 2
Comments: It's my strong opinion that the cottages present on the two Washington Avenue sites should be renewed rather than replaced. These structures are an integral part of the historic whole that makes up the Lafayette cemeteries. To remove them now, without further consideration of renewal rather than replacement, indicates a lack due diligence for understanding the history of these two cottages.

I urge Fema to hold off on the demolition of these two cottages so additional review of their historic significance may be considered. Once they are gone that opportunity will no longer exist.