Strategic Plan
2014-15 through 2018-19


Did you know?

All properties listed on the National Register of Historic Places are eligible for National Register plaques. However, neither the National Park Service nor the Louisiana Division of Historic Preservation provides plaques or approves their wording and installation.

If a local Historical Commission has also designated the property (either individually or as part of a local historic district), the ordinance under which the Commission operates may give this board the right to comment on or approve signage. National Register designation and local designation are different programs. Local historic ordinances vary in the strength of their regulatory powers, but some (such as those governing New Orleans) do grant authority to local agencies to regulate signs.

We encourage you to check with local authorities before ordering and/or installing your National Register plaque.

Displaying Your National Register Plaque
The Louisiana Division of Historic Preservation occasionally receives requests for advice on the mounting and display of National Register plaques. The following information is provided in order to help Register property owners make this decision.

Although local authorities may have a say in how to display your National Register plaque (see above), the National Park Service and the Division have no rules concerning where or how to mount them. Placement possibilities include, but are not limited to, an exterior wall of the listed building, a porch railing, a column, a fence, or atop a pole. In short, the property owner may place the plaque wherever he or she wishes.

Of course, the owner should use good sense in choosing the plaque's location. It is important that it not be attached to the building in such a way that it might damage historic materials. For example, a plaque attached to the wall of a building should be placed beneath a porch roof or other protective overhang so that rain will not penetrate the wall through the holes formed by the plaque's mounting screws.

Manufacturers of National Register Plaques
NOTE: The following is a list of companies known to manufacture National Register plaques. This information is provided as a courtesy to the public; however, the Louisiana Division of Historic Preservation does not recommend or endorse any of the companies.

Colonial Brass Company
31 Vine Street
Middleboro, Massachusetts 02346
P. O. Box 9894
College Station, Texas 77842-9894
Eagle Sign and Design; Ron Moore
901 E. Liberty Street
Louisville, Kentucky 40204
Erie Landmark Company
4449 Brookfield Corporate Drive
Chantilly, Virginia 20151-1681
Healey Brothers Foundry
P. O. Box 4
Manville, Rhode Island 92838
Lakeshore Industries
LaHaye Bronze, Inc.
1346 Railroad Street
Corona, California 91720
Meierjohan-Wengler, Inc.
10330 Wayne Avenue
Cincinatti, Ohio 45215
Sewah Studios
P. O. Box 298
Marietta, Ohio 45750
Smith Cornell Impressions/CenTec Cast Metal Products
P. O. Box 645
Maumee, Ohio 43420
Southwell Company
P. O. Box 299
San Antonio, Texas 78291