Strategic Plan
2014-15 through 2018-19


Did you know?

It is a great honor for a property to be listed on the prestigious National Register of Historic Places. This status can be very useful in helping to save historic buildings and sites because people typically hold Register properties in high regard and think twice about insensitive alteration and demolition.

The National Register program also provides a measure of protection from federally assisted projects. For more information, visit the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation’s web site. http://www.achp.gov

There are several financial incentive programs available for National Register-listed properties in Louisiana:

  1. Federal and State Tax Incentives
  2. Restoration Tax Abatement Program: A state property tax relief program available for renovating owner-occupied homes as well as income-producing properties. The Louisiana Division of Historic Preservation does not administer this program. For information, contact:
     Business Incentives Division
    Office of Business Development
    Department of Economic Development
    P.O. Box 94185
    Baton Rouge, LA 70804-9185
    Phone: (225) 342-5402

Please Note:
Listing in the National Register does not, in and of itself, constitute approval for other historic preservation programs administered by the Division of Historic Preservation. These programs include:

Separate application and review processes are required for each. If you need assistance with these programs, please use the links above or contact the Division at the address and telephone number listed on this site.

For additional information about the National Register, please contact the National Register Coordinator in the Division of Historic Preservation:

Address:National Register Coordinator
Division of Historic Preservation
P.O. Box 44247
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70804
Phone:(225) 219-4595