Strategic Plan
2014-15 through 2018-19


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Basic Information
Certified Local Government HandoutGeneral information about Louisiana's Certified Local Government Program.-pdf_icon.png
National Park Service: Preserving your Community's HeritageThis pamphlet provides basic information on how becoming a Certified Local Government can help to preserve your community's heritage. This was created by the National Park Service, one of the main partners of the CLG program.-pdf_icon.png
CLG Program GuidelinesThis document features information for Louisiana CLGs on how to become a CLG, what responsibilities are required of the CLGs, and other resources to help with the CLG certification process.-pdf_icon.png
Louisiana CLG Enabling LegislationThis document is the state enabling legislation, which is the legal basis for Certified Local Governments. It also spells out the process for creating and maintaining CLG status as well as detailing the responsibilities and duties of Historic District Commissions.-pdf_icon.png
Louisiana Model OrdinanceThis document serves as an example of what items an Historic District ordinance should contain. Remember that this is just a template and different sections can be customized to fit your community.word_icon.pngpdf_icon.png
Louisiana CLG ProcessThis document provides information the process for becoming a Certified Local Government.-pdf_icon.png
Louisiana's Open Meeting LawsThis document provides information about how to hold a meeting so as to meet legal standards. It also includes the actual laws regarding open meetings in Louisiana.-pdf_icon.png
Benefits of Being a CLGWhy become a Certified Local Government? There are several reasons including grant funding, protection of local resources, and expert technical assistance. Read this document for more reasons.-pdf_icon.png
Citizen's Guide to Protecting Historic Places: Local Preservation OrdinancesPublished by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, this document provides information about local preservation ordinances. It delves into the history of local preservation ordinances in the US, the legal basis and support for them, and what your ordinance should include.-pdf_icon.png
National Register vs Local RegisterThis document compares and contrasts the National Register with a Local Register.-pdf_icon.png
Dear George LetterFirst time commissioner? Long time commissioner who needs a refresher? This document provides information about what being a member of an historic preservation commission is all about. Commissions have many legal aspects to them and this letter helps to explain how to be prepared for these legal issues.-pdf_icon.png
National Historic Preservation Act of 1966This document is the reason the Certified Local Government was created. Congress expanded the National Historic Preservation Act in 1980 to include local government as a full partner. Knowledge of this document is integral to being in the historic preservation field.-pdf_icon.png
Example of Study Committee ReportThis document is the report made by the Historic Preservation Study Committee of the City of Mandeville to the Mandeville Planning Commission. This report should not be copied. Your community's Study Committee Report should be unique to your community. Please use this example as a resource for the type of information that should be included in the report.-pdf_icon.png

CLG Reporting
CLG Continuation Application 2012-13It is required that each CLG must be reviewed every three years. You will receive a letter from the CLG coordinator when it is time for your CLG to be reviewed.-pdf_icon.png


For more information, please contact:
Ray Scriber

Louisiana Division of Historic Preservation
P. O. Box 44247
Baton Rouge, LA 70804
Phone (225) 342-8162