Strategic Plan
2014-15 through 2018-19


Did you know?

Pennington Biomedical Research Center - Imaging Center (Baton Rouge - 2015)
Gould, Philip Plaquemine Ferry Sunset
Porcari, Laurel Divide 1, Divide 2, and Totem 3
Sonnier, Keith Grosse Tete
Vella, James Amp, Pulse, and Flux

Pennington Biomedical Research Center - New Clinical Research Building (Baton Rouge - 2015)
Blacklock, Kate Blue Hydrangea
Blacklock, Kate Epiphyllum
Blacklock, Kate Epiphyllum 2
Blacklock, Kate Epiphyllum 4
Blacklock, Kate Japonaise
Blacklock, Kate Japonaise 2
Dixon, Amy Cotton Fields 2
Frederick, Rigsby Heron
Frederick, Rigsby Turning Mandala
Gould, Philip Parlange Oak
Hackney, Jill Echo 28
Lusk, Dede Leek
Lusk, Dede Pear
Lusk, Dede Split Pod
Pramuk, Ed Interlock II
Solitario, Billie Ox Bow on the Mississippi
Wilson, Steve You Are What You Consume, and What's Consuming You

. . .
Pennington Biomedical Research Center - Pediatric Clinic (Baton Rouge - 2014)
Bourgoyne, Brad Fishie DNA Swimmin All Around
Corso, Sam Anonymous Dancing 2
Corso, Sam Anonymous Dancing 29
Corso, Sam Anonymous Dancing 34
Kennedy, Doug Circle Theory 1
Kennedy, Doug Circle Theory 2
Mueller, Kelly Propogation
Reilly, Winifred Hosanna Banana Tropicana

Southeastern Louisiana University - Health and Kinesiology Bldg. (Hammond - 2014)
Whiting, Russell Trilogy

McNeese State University - Jack Doland Field House (Lake Charles - 2013)
McCain, Buck The Cowboy

LSU Business Education Complex (Baton Rouge - 2012)
Gunning, Simon Sunrise at the Rookery
Pavy, Francis Louisiana Wetlands

LSU Blake Hall (Baton Rouge - 2011)
Bishop, Jacqueline Sonatina
Blum, Harriet Live Oak with Fern and Moss
Blum, Harriet Park with Oaks
Blum, Harriet Twisted Live Oak
Cozic, Christine Current
Fitzgerald, Rhett Arrakis
Fitzgerald, Rhett Current
Hackney, Jill Red Onions
Hackney, Jill Yellow Pears
Harris, Ronna Artist Altar
Koss, Gene Silo Blocks
Solitario, Billie Four Shells

LSU West Laville Hall (Baton Rouge - 2011)
Allessandrini, Franco Jazz Alto Relief
Corso, Sam Sunrise Over Calcasieu 2
Corso, Sam Sunrise Over Calcasieu 10
Cozic, Christine Vines
Dautreuil, Linda Breakaway
Dedeaux, Dawn Distress Flag 2
Dedeaux, Dawn Distress Flag 3

LSU Music and Dramatic Arts Building (Baton Rouge - 2010)
Porcari, Laurel Flow

LSU University Recreation (Baton Rouge- 2009)
Fitzgerald, Rhett Kuma
Fitzgerald, Rhett Rastaban
Fitzgerald, Rhett Starburst
Fitzgerald, Rhett Tyl
Fitzgerald, Rhett Totemic Echos

Southeastern Louisiana University Teacher Education Center (Hammond - 2008)
Kline, Steve Steps on Floating Water

LSU Energy, Coast & Environment Building (Baton Rouge - 2008)
Sanborn, Jim Radiance

LaSalle Building (Baton Rouge - 2007)
Gardner, Steve Louisiana Iris
Gardner, Steve Southern Magnolia

LSU Residential College One (Baton Rouge - 2007)
Nagase, Masayuki Growth and Continuity

Fire Marshal Building (Baton Rouge - 2006)
Replansky, Alberto Untitled

Lake D'Arbonne State Park (Farmerville - 2006)
Sayre, Thomas Untitled

LaSalle Building Café (Baton Rouge - 2006)
Taylor, Richard Riviere du Soleil

Louisiana State Museum (Baton Rouge - 2006)
Tylevich, Alexander River of Memory

Claiborne Building (Baton Rouge - 2005)
Birch, Willie Grand Marshals
Bishop, Jacqueline Silhouette
Blum, Harriet Beginnings…Part II
Chism, Sandy Flow
Corso, Sam Claiborne Building Stained Glass Commission
Crespo, Michael Gates of Dawn
Crespo, Michael Carvaggio's Tomb
DaGradi, Joan Hot Peppers 2
Eggart, Mary Lee From a Bestiary: The Rat
Eggart, Mary Lee From a Bestiary: Possum
Eggart, Mary Lee From a Bestiary: Mole
Eggart, Mary Lee From a Bestiary: Shrew
Gaudet, Mitchell 20 Tablets
Gilbert, Jan Offering #1
Gilbert, Jan Offering #2
Girouard, Tina Bound
Gourlay, Sheila Scott Artist Space
Hardy, Michele Circles #15
Hardy, Michele Circles #16
Hardy, Michele Circles #17
Harris, Ronna Magnolias Through the Window
Harris, Ronna Morning Light
Hathorn, John Suspension in Black
Johnson, Libby July
Johnson, Libby Interlude II
Jungman, Camille Portrait of Mr. Craig Cherry
Jungman, Camille Portrait of Miss Mary Evans
Jungman, Camille Portrait of Mr. Joe Moser
Kalish, Howard One Plant, Many Flowers
Kennedy, Kevin Worry
Kennedy, Kevin Pretend
Kennedy, Kevin Harvest
Koss, Gene Sculpture on the Ridge
Linde, Joyce Boats like Turtles
McMillin, Craig Large Bowl
McMillin, Craig Large Platter
Neff, Thomas Mary George + Ethel, Louisiana 1986
Neff, Thomas Mary George + Ethel, Louisiana 1995
Neff, Thomas Fishermen, Bayou Manchac + Ascension Parish, Louisiana 1995
Ruello, Robert F-Church 13
Schafer, Glinda Posted Pond
Smith, Ed Cypress
Smith, Michael Eliot The Wind
Smith, Michael Eliot Lecompte
Staub, Leslie Snowy Egret
Staub, Leslie Louisiana Iris
Stewart, Allison The Branch 1
Stewart, Allison The Branch 2
Trapolin, Kathleen Red Beads
Vartanian, Hasmig Doon
Walton, Sharon Portal
Zietz, Jim House and Pigeoneer
Zietz, Jim Chicken Coop
Zietz, Jim Meeker Sugar Mill and Refinery

Baton Rouge Community College (Baton Rouge - 2004)
Cain, Michael Reach
Gerson, Alan The Levee
Warrens, Robert Louisiana, A Bit of History