Sunset Report

Strategic Plan
2016-17 through 2021-22


Did you know?
Grant Projects & Deputy Custodians

The Division of Archaeology is also responsible for monitoring the condition of collections generated by grants projects not conducted on state lands but administered by the Division. These collections may be housed at state-approved curatorial facilities. A facility that meets the criteria defined in L.A.C. 25:I is or can be formally designated by the Division as a Deputy Custodian.

In the event a collection will be curated by a Deputy Custodian, the depositor must submit a letter of agreement from the Deputy Custodian to the Division indicating the facility's willingness to assume full responsibility for curating the collection. This letter of agreement must accompany the proposal submitted to the Division in application for federal/state grant monies. The depositor must follow the cataloging and other guidelines provided by the facility with which they are depositing a collection. Once the collection has been transferred to the Deputy Custodian, a letter of receipt must be submitted from the curation facility to the Division listing the catalog numbers of the artifacts received. The Division must receive this letter before final payment will be issued to the grant recipient.

Although a collection derived from a grants project may be curated by a Deputy Custodian, the grant recipient must still submit the following associated records to the Division, after which final payment will be issued. These records consist of:

  • One completed, typed copy, on acid-free paper, of a site form for each site from which a collection was made;
  • One typed copy, on acid-free paper, of the catalog for the collection;
  • One legible copy, on acid-free paper, of all field notes, profiles, unit and feature forms, maps, photograph logs, and other field documents;
  • One unbound camera-ready copy (or a reproducible master), on acid-free paper, of the final project report;
  • Ten color slides and five black and white prints, all of which must be labeled as per the instructions above; and,
  • One typed copy, on acid-free paper, of a box inventory for each box submitted to the Deputy Custodian.